New web based on Jekyll

Robert Castelo | Communication | July 19, 2017

Hi! Welcome to the blog of the functional genomics group at DCEXS-UPF. This is my first blog post that, hopefully, won't be the last.

For years I've had a simple static HTML web to publicize our research, essentially keeping an up to date list of papers, but always had in mind to update the web to some more modern technology such as Wordpress, drupal, etc. However, I really never felt motivated to quit my vim-editing-text-based powered static-HTML website for some pretty point-and-click content management system web editing thingy.

Luckily, I recently discovered jekyll and this turned me on to attempt improving my website and meet the increasing demand from funders to better disseminate the results of our research. The best thing of transitioning to jekyll for somebody like me is that my old-fashioned static HTML website is already a jekyll website!!

So, yes, from the outside, it does not look as I've done much in my website, and I hope to find the time to bring up to date its look and feel, specially regarding the display in small devices such as tablets and smartphones. But, behind the scenes, I've been able already to carry out the essential concept behind jekyll on part of my website, which is to separate content from presentation, and this blog post, written originally in markdown, is an example. Building a website in jekyll is analogous to writing a manuscript in LaTeX, so if you hate taking your fingers off the keyboard, specially to use the mouse, then jekyll is for you too.


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